Making a “World of Cents”

APEC CEO Summit 2013

APEC CEO Summit 2013; Image courtesy of

Once upon a time, economic matters were seen as peripheral in global affairs. International relations could be found in the front section; markets and finance were subjects for the business pages.

No more. A budget dispute in Washington has prevented President Obama from traveling to meet with Asia-Pacific leaders. Had he been able to attend, negotiations for a massive trade agreement would have been the most salient topic of discussion. And the entire European post-war political project now seems to revolve around questions of sovereign debt, bank supervision, and the promises of the European Central Bank.

This blog will be a forum to discuss such matters. In a world in which economic imperatives can drive foreign policies and political disputes can propel economic measures, the interconnections can be fascinating to explore.

I will freely share my thoughts – the perspective of a PhD economist who has also worked at the State Department – but I will also welcome select others who can enrich the conversation. One opportunity to bring in such voices will occur in the latter part of this month, when leading thinkers about international trade gather in Chicago to discuss the global trade policy agenda.

Whether the contributions are mine or from others, whether they deal with trade, finance, or development, the hope is that they will all offer insight into global affairs and they will all make a “world of cents.”


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